Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School with English as medium of instruction follows syllabus of the state enhanced with Central and Global curriculum.

Alpha is built on a rich foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic. This foundation is then layered with History, Science, Music, Geography and the Arts to ensure no gaps in instruction. The time - tested curriculum is built on the principle of subject integration. The study across subject areas helps develop higher order thinking skills and promotes content mastery.

We combine the best classroom - tested materials, teacher - created lesson manuals and proven smart class educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum.

Teaching methodology
  • Student centric and innovative, integrating and weaving in the school's philosophy.
  • Use of themes and projects to develop higher order thinking and stimulate creativity.
  • Large number of co - curricular activities that provides wide and varied exposure
  • Use of modern and conventional tools and methods of teaching and learning.

ALPHA aims to provide perfect education to each student by identifying his/her latent talents and by providing ample opportunities to develop his/her personality to serve the nation better in all disciplines. Alpha motivates students to fit in health, good at character, excellent in communication, smart in action and possess humanitarian values.

Academic Curriculum
Nursery (L.K.G & U.K.G)

Alphabets, Numbers, Tamil Singing, Colouring, Storytelling, Nature study, Craft Games, Computer Science and Conversation.

Pre-Primary (I & II)

English, Tamil, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Drawing, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Value Education and Games.

Primary (III, IV & V)

English, Tamil, Maths, General Science, Social Studies, Functional Grammar, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Value Education and Drawing.

Middle School (VI , VII &VIII)

English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography, Economics, Information Technology, Physical Education, General Knowledge and Functional Grammar.

High School (IX-X)

English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography, Civics, Computer Science, Functional Grammar, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Value Education and Drawing.

Higher Secondary
  • Part – I - Language (Tamil / Hindi)
  • Part –II - English
  • Part –III - Group I : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  • Group II: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Group III : Commerce, Accountancy, Economics and Computer Science.
  • Group IV : Commerce, Accountancy, Economics and Business Maths.
  • Group V : Biology, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry.
Academic Session

The academic session is from June to April. The academic year comprises of three Formative Assessments and three Summative Assessments. The school also follows Instant Evaluation Programme(IEP), Split Mock Test(SMT) and Continuous Internal Assessment(CIA) assuring Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) pattern in order to have progressive learning.


The Staff Cabinet

The school has band of well qualified, very efficient competent and service minded staff with years of experience, who stay late in the evenings and coach the students whenever necessary. Even on holidays they work with the slow learners to bring excellent results. Our students are not only from the cream of the society but cream all back ground. Our teachers guide the children in every aspect in the right way. They encourage the children in their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, thereby developing the total behavior of the children.

Smart Class

In our school each and every class is a smart class equipped with a projector and a computer with audio systems. This helps the teachers to teach the students to learn by seeing visually with the sound effects, which helps them to learn the ideas clearly.


The School provides buses and vans for the pupils to come to the school from neighbouring villages. Thus we are able to spread the knowledge of light to the children of different areas.

Sophisticated Modern Labs

State-of-the-art buildings and Ultra-Modern Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Labs with high-tech infrastructure are provided to aid effective teaching-learning process to prepare the children for the competitive world and to impart practical knowledge for the better understanding of concepts.

Digital Library

To redefine the reading process and to inculcate the habit of happy learning, DIGITAL LIBRARY, a virtual repository for the next generation is implemented in the curriculum to nurture a love for reading habit into children.


Robotics integrated as part of the curriculum is an entertaining and innovative pedagogical tool that helps students develop knowledge and skill through recreational activities. It also enhances innovation and critical thinking in children also facilitating problem solving skills.

Co-curricular Activity

Co-curricular Activity is considered to be the sixth finger of man. Unless talents are recognized in the juvenile period, it goes vain, we as perfect educators promote these activities to mould the sprouting talents of the children. Creativity is the hall mark of a person. Only conscious, progressive training and untiring efforts takes them to the pinnacles of success. The school fosters a high degree of competency in co-curricular activities to develop the overall personality of students.

House system

Attaching each student to a house with specific quality enhances team spirit, motivation and dedication among the students. It also helps to develop healthy competition among the students.

House Name









Sports Academy

Sports and games are encompassed at ALPHA not just for the benefits of physical fitness but also to increase the self-esteem and mental alertness. It also motivates students and enables them to earn better grades. Other objectives of sports logically include sportsmanship, fair play, team work, respect and health of all students not only during the school years but continuing into adulthood. Special coaching programs are offered before and after school hours for potential performers.

Co - curricular activities
RSP Scouts and Guides Junior Red Cross Karate Yoga Band
Western Dance Music English Literary Club Tamil Literary Club Hindi Literary Club Hand Writing Expo
Reading Expo Mathematics Club Eco Club Abacus classes Bharathanatiyam Hindi classes
Public Speaking Training KIDSCO, Talent festival NCC SILAMBAM PHONICS SPORTS ACADEMY

Rules and Regulations

Uniform Formalities

The school emphasis on UNIFORM FORMALITIES to a great extent. Students should attend the school wearing proper uniform on all working days.

  • Each pupil is expected to possess sets of regular uniform.
  • It is compulsory for students to wear clean uniform to school.
  • Uniform material should not bear any self-designs on them.
  • Uniforms should be ironed daily.
  • Uniforms should always be checked for buttons. Safety pins should not be used.
  • Students from Std VI To XII are not permitted to come in civil dress on their birthdays.
  • Only Black leather shoes are to be used. Fancy shoes are NOT PERMITTED
  • Girls with long hair are expected to come in double folded plaits. Girls with short hair should use white hair bands.
  • Boys are expected to maintain short and trimmed hair.
  • The students who wear full pants should not wear boot cut model or any other fancy models.

On Wednesdays
On Other days
K.G Girls

Golden Brown striped frock

Blue and White track suit

K.G to V Boys

House T. Shirt, Golden Brown Trousers, Black Socks, Black Leather Shoes, Belt and ID Card

Golden Brown Trousers, Striped Shirt, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Belt and ID card

K.G to VII Girls

House T shirt, Golden Brown pinnafore, Black Socks, Black Shoes, White ribbon and ID card.

Golden Brown pinnafore, Striped shirt, White ribbon, Black Socks, Black Shoes and ID Card.

VI to XII Boys

House T shirt, Golden Brown Full pant, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Belt and ID Card.

Golden Brown Full pant, Striped shirt, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Belt and ID Card.

VIII to XII Girls

House T shirt, Golden Brown Churidhar top, White bottom, White shawl, White ribbon, Black Socks, Black Shoes and ID Card.

Golden Brown Churidhar top, White bottom, White shawl, White ribbon, Black Socks, Black Shoes and ID Card.

  • Students should convey their ideas only in English inside the school campus.
  • Students who are coming from the nearer places of the school and below 6th Standard are not permitted to come to school in bicycles.
  • Students should be in the school campus before the commencement of the school.
  • Students should maintain strict discipline inside and outside the school campus.