Concept classrooms, a congenial ambience for play and study are introduced at ALPHA NextGen for the kindergarteners to foster comprehensive and balanced development of the kids. Play-way experiential method of learning is inculcated in every level of their childhood to customize child’s interests and requirements.

With Montessori trained extraordinary faculties, ALPHA provides personalized attention and intensive care to each blooming buds of KG. PHONICS integrated curriculum is embedded to ensure effective adaption of language-learning needs. Seasonal events, celebrations and computations are conducted frequently to instill and enhance the confidence in every child.


5-Corner activity studio incorporated with Reading Corner, Creativity Corner, Numerical Corner, Literary Corner and Logical Reasoning Corner improves reading fluency, enhances child’s creativity, stimulates numerical literacy, nourishes literary skills and improves logical reasoning abilities.


Story station is a thematic audio-visual room to nurture imagination and creativity. It also encourages active participation while increasing verbal proficiency. It promotes the willingness of the children to communicate thoughts and feelings.


Rhyme roof is an interactive play-way practical learning studio to inculcate experiential learning. It also enhances memory and cognitive development while improving rhythm and language profeciencies. Activity based fun way learning methodologies provided at ALPHA NEXTGEN make the children to grow with knowledge and skills that collaborats with the real-world.


Phonics integrated curriculum is embedded to ensure effective adaption of language learning needs. Phonics Palace is an interactive play-way practical learning studio to inculcate experiential learning.


Curiosity is naturally aroused in students when exploring the outdoors. A sensory play park exclusively made to foster child’s comprehensive and balanced development has Tactile walk, Tunnel Mount, Sliding, Plank-Walk, Sand play and Water Play. This outdoor play-area stimulates child’s senses to facilitate exploration and tune gross motor skills.

Tactile walk is a system of textured ground surface that gives deep sensory to the feet. Tunnel Mount helps develops special awareness and strengthens their muscles. Sliding enhances the gross motor skills by providing fun and frolic. Plank walk develops balance, coordination and fine motor skills. Sand play develops hand eye coordination and improves creativity and imagination skills. Water play activity gives many opportunities for children to develop social skills as they work in group


Rock climbing activity increases strength and grip in hands and muscles also improving balance and flexibility. A perfect play-spot for kindergarteners to play and learn in an natural environment that promotes agility, balance and coordination.


ALPHA strives to instill positive outlook in every student that fosters confidence, certainty and commitment. Every event that happens at ALPHA is hosted by the students and opportunities provided to them at the young age helps them to grow with confidence and grace. Public Speaking hall at ALPHA NEXTGEN ensures for the effective training process of the same which helps children develop their leadership skills, reinforces confidence and promotes personal development.