About Alpha

Since 1979, Our school was established by our honourable Chairman Mr. S. Abraham George to fulfill the vision of education. Our institution is established among the rural people so that the children of the poor get a good education.

It is most RESPECTED school in the vicinity to have earned trust from maximum number of parents. ALPHA strives to utilize every available opportunity for the holistic development of the children. It is understood that Education is beyond books and the same is pursued at ALPHA. Only through innovation and perseverance, ALPHA has attained glory with highest student strength, the stand-alone school around Chennai with uncompromising culture and discipline. Parents’ trust and unequivocal support; teachers’ dedication and commitment; and students’ hard work and zeal – all have been responsible for scripting ALPHA’s success story.


Mr. S. Abraham George, our Chairman is the founder of ALPHA. He is a living example of boundless commitment and an ideal visionary committed to the advancement of the professional education. In the early eighties itself, he was a pioneer in education and his visionary efforts were crowned with success. With his vast experience and expertise in the field of education, his path-breaking and visionary contributions made ALPHA to establish with the possibility of a bright future. His deeply rooted contributions have made ALPHA evolve with flying colours over decades.


Mr. A. Jerold Finny, Director of ALPHA Group of Schools is rightly called as Dynamic Director by many. He is a visionary leader and educationalist who aims to provide educational excellence by achieving perfection. His years of thought, planning and execution over the years have seen numerous transformations in agenda. His international exposures had marked the beginning of his long and enduring trust with the society. Best described as a man of vision and integrity, Mr. Jerold Finny exemplifies the principles of truth, peace and love. His presence instills awe and admiration among students, teachers and parents. His indefatigable energy and inspirational ideas are the key to ALPHA’s success so far and he has the foresight and imagination to propel the institution to greater heights in the future with his unshakable faith in the almighty.

To empower student, to significantly increase their maximum performance capability, in order to face the challenges at global level through understanding, hardwork and living principle centered lives"

School has obtained 100% success and District ranks in Matriculation and Higher Secondary Examinations and has received the appreciation from the Educational Minister of Tamil Nadu and shield from the Directorate of School Education.

Our Performance in Academics is indeed praise worthy; yet we do not tend to overlook Co-curricular activities as well. The school was established not to have one more Hr. Sec. School, but to be a School with a difference.

Let me once again welcome you into our fold and hope u will also utilize this opportunity to its fullest extent to finally emerge as one among the brightest stars in the horizon of success.

Wishing you all the best. Hope you have a pleasant and memorable tenure in our midst.

~ Mr. S. Abraham George, Chairman